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Juice Diet Recipes for Weight Loss: What To Drink

carrots juice recipeYou’ve probably heard about going on a “juice diet” and its benefits for weight loss but haven’t tried it yet. Well the information on this post will help get you started.

Let’s start with the most common juice elements and expand them into a  “weight loss juice recipe”:

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is one of the most delicious drinks on planet earth, I’m surprised that a few people “hate” to drink it! Well it really is delicious and can replace all the mainstream juices like mango and orange juice as far as taste is concerned (in my humble opinion).

Well the way to extract carrot juice is to get yourself a nice juicer, instead of a blender. Why? It’s because blenders are only good for shakes and smoothies, but when it comes to actual JUICING, your juicer will do the job for you. Also, carrot juice will taste MUCH better when extracted from a juicer instead of a blender. I don’t know why – maybe because a blender simply crushes the fruit into very tiny pieces but a juicer really EXTRACTS the juice and separates it from the pulp.

Carrot juice helps you lose weight because of its rich vitamin B1, B2, and B6 content, which help break down glucose, fats and protein in the body. Overall, carrots improve your sugar metabolism. Be careful though about drinking heavy amounts of carrot juice in just a short time. Carrot still contains some fructose (sugar found in fruits). Although fructose is a natural sweetener, it can still spike insulin levels and lead to fat storage. One glass of carrot juice a day, or maybe three to four per week would be sufficient.

Other health contents of carrot juice which indirectly aid weight loss are magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin K.

Apple Juice

apple juicing recipeLike carrot juice, you should drink apple juice in sufficient amounts, as one glass of pure apple juice typically contains approximately 116 calories. However, apple juice can aid lose weight because it almost serves as a natural meal replacement. Meaning, when you eat an apple or drink its juice, you can lessen the effects of hunger and feel full for an extended period of time. This is perfect if your strategy for losing weight is getting rid of your snacks in between meals. By drinking apple juice, you can eliminate the need for snacking, or at least ward off the cravings for a little while. Aside from this, apple helps avoid stomach bloating and encourage smooth bowel movement. Apple juice is an integral part in many popular juicing recipes.

Celery Juice

celery juice for weight loss

Celery is a wonderful low calorie drink with lots of health benefits. Its main highlight is its high fiber content, which is well known to lessen the cravings for overeating.

Fiber also helps the body digest food better, leading to better distribution of nutrients in the body and proper metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Celery also promotes better digestion and bowel movement, which allows the body to get rid of wastes and prevent unnecessary storage.

Carrot-Apple-Celery Juicing Recipe For Losing Weight

One of the most well known juicing recipes for weight loss is the carrot-apple-celery juice mix. Here’s how to prepare it:

  • Get three (3) carrots, one (1) whole small/medium sized apple, and two (2) celery sticks.
  • Wash them thoroughly. No need to peel.
  • Slice the carrots vertically in half.
  • Slice the apple in vertical strips as well
  • Insert the carrots, apple and celery strips one by one into your juicer as it runs
  • Place the extracted juice in a glass and mix well
  • Drink to your heart’s content

Having an everyday dose of carrot-apple-celery-juice is a great way to supplement your weight loss efforts and also provide a myriad of health benefits. This is also a great way to detox, keep your blood pressure in check, maintain a healthy blood count, stay alert, maintain a good chemical balance in the body and many more.

For best results, avoid taking the carrot-apple-celery juice along with meals. You should take it as a stand alone drink, preferable hours before or after a meal. This will improve the body’s absorption of the juice, which can give you almost instant health benefits.

Very Important:

For better preparation of your carrot-apple-celery-juice, it is highly recommended that you get yourself an efficient juicer that is able to do a great job separating the pulp of veggies and fruits from its juice. There are hundreds of choices out there, but it is much better to get your purchase from trusted online portals like so you can read reviews about the product before buying. You can also get good warranties, save time on shopping (instead of walking around the mall), and get free shipping. Browse through this list of high-quality juicers and get one today from Amazon., the world’s most trusted site for online purchases.

Enjoy juicing your way to health!

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  1. Great simple recipe, get three (3) carrots, one (1) whole small/medium sized apple, and two (2) celery sticks. My fav are the simple recipes and this one is perfect. I use an omega j8004 juicer and love how much juice it gets out of the produce. Thanks!

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